Nice to meet you.

I'm Britney, a product designer, developer, and artist from Virginia, currently based in Seattle 🌲🌧.

Current: Product Designer at Momentive (creator of SurveyMonkey) (2022 - present)

Previous: UX Designer and Software Engineer at Innovative Software Solutions (2020-2022), Part-Time Designer at Fold (2021 - 2022), Product Design Intern at Cvent (2019), Engineering Intern at Facebook (2018), UVA CS '20


Hi, I’m Britney. I’m equal parts designer, developer, and artist, and I create products that bring delight to people.

As a product designer, I obsess over the details, making sure every interaction and visual element is elegant and intentional. As a developer, I’m a natural systems-thinker, looking at the product ecosystem, long-term business goals, and customer needs with every decision. And as an artist, I bring a creative approach to every problem.

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